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IMINK34 OEM Red Ink Cartridge
IMINK34 NEW Red Ink Cartridge

OEM Price: $157.00 Price: $165.00


IMINK34 NEW Ink Cartridge is NEW Hasler # IMINK34 OEM Ink Cartridge
Surejet # 4135554T
Use with Hasler IM330, IM350, IM420, IM440, IM460, IM480, IH600, IH700 and IH750 Postage Meters
Red Ink Cartridge, 1 per box
Total Imprints IM330, IM350; 6,500; IM420: 8,000; IM440: 15,000; IM460: 17,500; IM480: 19,500 Imprints or 18 Months